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Trustee’s Sales

With each state having differing requirements for Posting, Publishing and Sales, STOX keeps up with the laws that govern the states that we do work in. We make sure that our auctioneers comply and meet all the requirements of that state. To make sure that your order makes it to sale, we audit our file to make sure that all the tasks and requirements are met. We want to make our clients comfortable knowing that they are sending their order to a company that cares.

Posting Service

STOX Posting and Publishing is leading the way with client satisfaction. We are a full service Posting company in Utah, Idaho, Washington, Nevada, Arizona, Oregon, and California. With the shortest turnaround times. With our client portal, clients can access their document at anytime, as well as place orders online and upload documents.


We have newspapers all over the states we cover. With all the newspapers available, we research their prices as well as their dependability and pick the publishing vendor that is most advantageous to our client. Because of our relationships with these newspapers, we can take care of urgent or late publishing requests that come in.

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